SteadiBeam® 1064 nm 100 W Isolator
It is ideal for fiber amplifier and fiber laser applications.
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SteadiBeam® 1064 nm 200 W Isolator
AFR's SteadiBeam® is the best Isolator designed for high power pulse fiber lasers.
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 HI Series
1064 nm 2 W Isolator
It is ideal for fiber laser and instrumentation applications.
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High Power (18+1)×1 Pump & Signal Combiner
High Power (18+1)×1 Pump & Signal Combiner
It can handle more than 1 kW combined power.  Available for different fiber types.
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ClearCut™ 1939 nm Series FBG
It is a ultra low insertion loss fiber Bragg gratings for high power fiber laser.
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(Dragon Series)
Dragon™ 10 kW Laser Cable
It provides QBH compatible connector for high power fiber lasers up to 10 kW.
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1064 nm 500 W Fiber to Free Space Isolator
1064 nm 500 W Fiber to Free Space Isolator
It is the best choice for high power industrial pulse fiber lasers.
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1064 nm 10 W Polarization Maintaining Circulator
1064 nm 10 W Polarization Maintaining Circulator
 It is ideal for fiber laser and instrumentation applications.
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Mar 02, 2021 AFR Releases 2 μm High Power Component Series

AFR 2 μm high-power series addresses the growing demand at the 2 μm region. Its performance and reliability are guaranteed by AFR proprietary design and manufacturing process that suppress unwanted absorption in this wavelength range.

2 μm 50 W In-Line Isolator / 2 μm 100 W Fiber-To-Free-Space Isolator

The polarization insensitive isolator features compact design, low insertion loss, high isolation, high returnloss and excellent environmental stability and reliability. With its record-breaking highest power  handling capability in the market, it is a designer's choice for the 2 μm polarization insensitive fiber amplifers and fiber laser systems. The reflection beam dump port can be reconfigured.

ClearCut™ 1939 nm Series FBG

The ClearCut™ 1939 nm Series FBG products feature ultra-low insertion loss and low thermal drift performance for the high-power fiber lasers. With the long-term field proven design, these devices can handle up to 200 W at the common 1917 nm, 1925 nm and 1939 nm wavelengths without standing reliability. Customization is available upon request.


793 nm / 2 μm High Power (N+1)×1 Pump & Signal Combiner

The 793 nm / 2 μm high-power pump & signal combiner exhibits low insertion loss and excellent beam quality for combining up to 6 multimode diode pumps and a signal laser into a double-clad output fiber. The device can handle a maximum 1 kW combined power with stable performance.

Dragon™ 2 μm 500 W High Power Laser Cable

AFR's Dragon™ laser cable provides the QBH compatible connector for handling up to 500 W output power while enduring high reflection power. Cladding mode stripping, protective window and safety inter lock designs are employed to offer added benefits of stability and safety.

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  • Mar 03, 2020 AFR Launches Series of ClearCut™ FBG Products

    Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) is pleased to announce the release of three new FBG based products: ClearCut™ FBG Reflector for picosecond fiber lasers, Pulse Stretcher for femtosecond fiber lasers, and 1939 nm Series Fiber Bragg Grating for infrared lasers.

    “These new products were developed under our unique ClearCut™ FBG technology that has demonstrated excellent performance on low temperature gradient vs. power and long term reliability. We have delivered kW level FBG products in volumes for the past two years and they are well received in the market. These new products extend the great performance to some of the specialty and rising applications.” said Kevin Zhang, AFR’s VP of Engineering.

    The Fiber Bragg Grating Reflector features with no extra dispersion, package-free design and flexible mechanical performance, ideal for picosecond fiber laser system. It can be written on wide range of fibers, such as PM 980, PM 1060, PM 10 / 125, and used at around 1030 nm and 1064 nm center wavelength.


    The Pulse Stretcher creates large amount of dispersion to stretch short pulse to sub nanosecond level, ideal for femtosecond laser system. It can be supplied with either package-free or packaged designs. Available for various amounts of dispersion and fiber types.

    The 1939 nm Series Fiber Bragg Grating features with low temperature slope, pump power handling of up to 200 W and packaged inside our long-time proven high power package. Center wavelengths available for 1917, 1925 or 1939 nm, as special infrared laser source needed in the market.

    All three products have passed reliability qualification test. As always, we can customize wavelength, power handling, fiber type, package type and any other parameters. Contact us to discuss your special needs.

  • Apr 26, 2019 AFR Released ClearCut™ kW Package-Free Fiber Bragg Grating

    Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) drew a lot of attention at the 2019 Laser World of Photonics with the unveiling of its ClearCut™ kW Package-Free Fiber Bragg Grating, a new device that improves FBG user experience.

    AFR’s ClearCutkW Package-Free Fiber Bragg Grating

    Controlling temperature has long been a challenge when using FBG devices. The typical solution has been to dissipate excess heat using a mounting structure or package. The extra mounting, however, creates difficulties with installation and true temperature monitoring of the FBG area.

    AFR’s ClearCutkW Package-Free FBG may be bent and mounted in any position along with other fibers, eliminating the need for a separate mounting structure or package and maintaining an ultra-low temperature rising without adding extra cooling. Additionally, this product may add an FBG area temperature monitor, to help users or engineers improve real-time data analysis, and ensuring system safety.

    Temperature Slope in Air

    “The ClearCut™ kW Package-Free FBG product well represents AFR’s technical capability. It makes AFR a more One-Stop-Shop for fiber laser components. We are committed to the continuous advancement in product technology and product quality.” said Kevin Zhang, AFR’s VP of Engineering.

    Small in size, big on capability, AFR’s ClearCut kW Package-Free FBG ensures more than 2.0 kW pump power and 1.5 kW signal power handling with outstanding reliability. It has passed the critical qualification tests including low/high temperature storage, temperature cycling, fiber pull and high humidity.

  • Jul 26, 2018 AFR Released Several New High Power Products

    Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) released several new high power products, including 1500 W ClearCut Grating, 6 kW or Higher 7x1 Laser Combiner Module, 6 kW or Higher 18x1 or (18+1)x1 Pump Combiner and Dragon 6000 W Laser Cable.

    ClearCut 1.5 kW Fiber Bragg Grating

    The 1.5 kW ClearCut Fiber Bragg Grating products are low insertion loss fiber bragg gratings for high power fiber lasers. With AFR’s Clearcut designing and packaging, the devices can handle more than 1.5 kW pump power and 1.0 kW signal power. Custom configurations available.

    6 kW or Higher 7×1 Laser Combiner Module

    The 6 kW or Higher 7×1 Laser Combiner Module is designed for combining N units of kW class fiber lasers with high efficiency. Available for different fiber types.

    6 kW or Higher 18×1 or (18+1)×1 Pump Combiner

    The 6 kW 18x1 or (18+1)×1 Pump Combiner is designed for combining several multimode laser diodes with high efficiency. The device can handle several kilowatt combined power. Available for different fiber types.

    Dragon 6 kW Laser Cable

    AFR’s Dragon 6 kW Laser Cable provides QBH compatible connector for high power fiber lasers up to 6000 W. Technologies incorporated in the products include cladding mode stripping, indirect water cooling, protective window and safety interlock.

    AFR offers standard and customized components. We will modify wavelength, aperture, package size, fiber type or any other feature to suit your project's unique purpose. And these new products will be displayed at the 2018 Shenzhen CIOE Exhibition (5th-8th Sept.), please visit us at Hall 1#1B01.

Laser World of Photonics China 2021

Date: March 17-19, 2021

Location: Shanghai, China

Booth: W3#3661

China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) 2021

Date: September 1-3, 2021

Location: Shenzhen, China

Booth: 12B11

China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) 2020

Date: September 9-11, 2020

Location: Shenzhen, China
Booth: 8B11

Laser World of Photonics China 2020

Date: July 3-5, 2020

Location: Shanghai, China
Booth: 8.1A310

OFC 2020

Date: March 10-12, 2020

Location: San Diego, California, USA
Booth: 4927

Laser World of Photonics 2019

Date: June 24-27, 2019

Location: Munich, Germany
Booth: B1.668

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Back End Engineer, San Donato Milanese, Milan, Italy
Job Responsibilities: 1. Work with the R&D team, being involved in the development of new photonic devices for telecom, datacom and sensing applications 2. Identify BE equipment requirements, define technical specifications being responsible for the procurement process 3. Install and set-up workstations for electrical and passive/active optical assembling in the R&D backend lab 4. Design jigs, fixture and other mechanical parts required for components handling and bench automation 5. Develop optical packaging processes such as wire-bonding, die bonding, flip-chip assembling, optical components passive alignment, fiber optic active alignment, etc. 6. Explore advanced optical packaging technologies for next generation integrated devices 7. Define assembly strategies and assemble test vehicles and module prototypes 8. Perform process experiments, data collection, analysis and documentation with minimal supervision. 9. Work closely with design team and process engineering to troubleshoot new product and process issues. 10. Create/update documentation for release to production including machine specifications, operating procedures and drawing packages 11. Provide technical support and training to production personnel Job Requirements: 1. Master’s degree or PhD in Optics, Electronics, Material Science or equivalent technical discipline 2. Hands on experience with backend lab equipment and technologies. 3. Good knowledge of backend processes, soldering, gluing, thermal curing, UV curing, etc. 4. Ability to spend majority of time inside a cleanroom environment. 5. Deep understanding of cleanroom protocol and working with hazardous chemicals and proper safety. 6. Basic CAD skills, Microsoft Office, LabVIEW is a plus 7. Fluent in English 8. Availability to travel
R&D Test Engineer, San Donato Milanese, Milan, Italy
Job Responsibilities: 1. Work with the R&D team, being involved in the development of new photonic devices for telecom, datacom and sensing applications 2. Define and set-up new optoelectronic test systems for wafers, chips and optoelectronic modules, with the goal of new products functional validation 3. Develop complex test strategies for full optical and electrical characterization of photonic devices 4. Design DC and high frequency test benches, including test fixtures, boards, optical alignment systems and optical/RF equipment 5. Implement automated procedures for device control and electro-optical testing 6. Debug and analyze test data, generate DVT report and complete specifications/test procedures for new products 7. Provide technical support to operations team for production test benches commissioning Job Requirements: 1. Master’s degree or PhD in Optics, Electronics, Semiconductors, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Telecommunication, or equivalent technical discipline 2. Work experience in similar role in photonics/electronics or a related industry is a plus 3. Knowledge of high-speed photonic components and lab equipment 4. Experience with DC and RF test system design and engineering 5. Experience with high-speed coherent module testing 6. Good understanding of common communication protocols I2C, SPI, GPIB and Ethernet 7. Good knowledge of programming languages popular for test development and automation such as LabView, TestStand and Python 8. Ability to work effectively in an international team environment and interact with all function and levels 9. Fluent in English 10. Availability to travel
Opto-Mechanical Engineer, Zhuhai
Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the Opto-mechanical design activity to develop advanced electro-optical components and modules with focus on reliability and manufacturability 2. Contribute through all development phases from concept definition and prototyping to product development and manufacturing 3. Work with component suppliers to define purchase specifications 4. Work closely with optical design, fab process, device testing and packaging engineers to deliver high performance Lithium Niobate devices 5. Support improvement of current platforms and collaborate with manufacturing engineers when needed 6. Collaborate to define plans and meet schedule 7. Provide regular update to management 8. Perform under limited supervision Job Requirements: 1. Master Degree in Electronics, Physics, Mechanics or equivalent technical discipline 2. 5 years+ of working experience in similar role in related industry 3. Proven experience with design and development of optical/electro-optical modules 4. Proficient with 3D modeling and CAD software 5. Understanding of photonics physics and devices 6. Ability to work effectively in an international team environment and interact with all function and levels 7. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Team oriented approach 8. High motivation and strong desire for innovation 9. Fluent in English
Post Doctor, Optoelectronics, Zhuhai
Job Responsibilities: 1. Theoretical, experimental and applied research of high power optical devices 2. Terahertz generation and application 3. Packaging and application research of semiconductor lasers 4. Principle, fabrication and application research of quantum communication light source 5. Research and design of OCT optical engine 6. The design of efficient coupling of silicon photonic chips and fiber array 7. Quantitative study of the factors affecting 3D laser imaging precision Job Requirements: 1. Doctoral degrees in optics, electronics, computer and other related fields with academic background or interest in the above research fields 2. Good communication skill and interpersonal skill 3. Under age of 35 and healthy
Test Engineer, San Donato Milanese, Milan, Italy
Job Responsibilities: 1. Improve and Enhance existing test solutions by reducing test time, yield analysis and minimize retests 2. Within new product introduction activities, design and implement tests that confirm the quality and functionality of products, develop automated systems to make tests reusable 3. Release test benches in manufacturing, setting Gage R&R and periodic golden samples verification procedures 4. Write new SW, mainly by using LabView tool 5. Participate in all phases of products’ testing, from determining the exact procedure to troubleshooting errors and communicating recommendations for improvement 6. Provide technical support to other teams and work cross-functionally to develop ideas for new products’ testing 7. Develop and write operative procedures for products’ testing in manufacturing, perform and certify the operators’ training 8. Ensure equipment conformity to industry-based compliance requirements, such as those from the ISO (International Organization Standardization) mostly concerning calibration and enforcing safety measures; 9. ESD coordinator of the entire manufacturing line, responsible of revising ESD compliance rules, performing ESD audit in manufacturing and of operators’ training 10. Involved in specifications discussions with customers as field application engineer Job Requirements: 1. Bachelor Degree (or higher) in Optics, Electronics, Semiconductors, Computer Science, Software Engineering, telecommunication or equivalent technical discipline 2. 5 years+ of working experience in manufacturing or a related industry 3. Experience with software engineering and test design architecture 4. Extensive knowledge and experience working with various operating systems and backend programming, LabView software expert 5. Knowledge of basic six sigma / lean manufacturing concepts like capability studies and SPC 6. Ability to work effectively in an international team environment and interact with all function and levels 7. Customer relation experience might be a preferred aspect 8. Fluent in English 9. Availability to travel
Optical Engineer, Zhuhai
Job Responsibilities: 1. Evaluate the feasibility of new product development, set up a project team, and be responsible for the research, design and trial production of new products 2. Responsible for the improvement of product process and performance 3. Formulate product process according to internal standards, provide technical guidance, and solve problems in production lines (Depending on actual capability, you may be assigned as R&D or engineering functions) Job Requirements: 1. Majors in optics, physics, communication, laser, etc., bachelor degree or above 2. Proficient in reading and writing English, proficient in office software 3. Five years or more working experience in fiber optic passive device development or production; familiar with product development process, writing working instructions and process and yield improvement 4. Strong hands-on capability, able to independently perform optical path analysis and debugging, and usage of common equipment in the optical communication industry 5. Hard working, good learning skill, team spirit and good communication skills
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