• AFR Successfully Closed A 710 Million RMB PIPE Funding
    Dec 14, 2020 AFR Successfully Closed A 710 Million RMB PIPE Funding

    On December 8, 2020, AFR was pleased to announce the successful closing of its Private Investment in Public Company (PIPE) process. A total amount of 709,999,981.08 Yuan RMB was fully subscribed by two investors, Zhuhai Huafa Industrial Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and Changsha Shengnong Private Equity Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership). As a result, Zhuhai Huafa Industrial Investment and Changsha Shengnong will each hold 16,175,071 and 713,606 newly issued AFR shares, respectively.

    As previously announced, such new funds would enhance AFR’s capabilities in developing and commercializing next-generation thin-film based LiNbO3 modulators to address a wide range of telecom, data center interconnect, sensing and industrial applications.

    Disclaimer: This is not intended as a verbatim English translation of AFR’s public announcement in Chinese. For the accurate interpretation of AFR’s Chinese announcement, please refer to the original Chinese version.

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  • Private Placement Announcement
    Aug 13, 2020 Private Placement Announcement

    AFR is undergoing a Private Investment in Public Company (PIPE) process to raise funds for R&D, LiNbO3 high-speed modulator chip industrialization and additional working capital by an amount not exceeding 710 million RMB. Encouraged by the future customer needs and technology trends in the optical communications industry, AFR is committed to expanding the existing product offerings and research field, as showcased in the recent addition of LiNbO3 optical modulators for coherent 400G/600G, coherent 100G/200G, single drive 10G and analog 20/40G applications. After the PIPE process is completed, AFR plans to reach the annual capacity of LiNbO3 modulators up to 80,000 units.

    AFR plans to maximize the market opportunities and technical capabilities of the LiNbO3 series high-speed optical modulators in the fields of communications and sensing. With the advantages in technology development, quality control, cost control, market development and more, AFR is poised to lead in the telecom grade LiNbO3 high-speed optical modulator chips and modules. Meanwhile, AFR is building a professional R&D team for developing the next-generation modulator LiNbO3 thin-film platform, in an effort to further enhance AFR’s capabilities and market positions in telecom and industrial applications.

    Disclaimer: This is not intended as a verbatim English translation of AFR’s public announcement in Chinese. For the accurate interpretation of AFR’s Chinese announcement, please refer to the original Chinese version.

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  • AFR Participate In CIOE' 2020 with Four Product Series
    Oct 13, 2020 AFR Participate In CIOE' 2020 with Four Product Series

    9 Sep 2020, AFR and its subsidiary Vlink showed up at CIOE (China international optoelectronic exposition), World's largest and most influential optoelectronics exhibition 22th with our four product series: LiNbO3 Modulator Series, Micro-Connection Series, PM & High Power Products, and FTA (Fiber Tail Assembly) products.

    Modulator Series

    As the practitioner of the localization of high-end optical communication chips and devices, AFR's LiNbO3 modulator products have been attracting the attention of optical communication industry. The key exhibition of the three LiNbO3 modulator products triggered hot discussion, attracted CCTV and other mainstream media to report.

    Coherent Modulator 400/600G PM-QMZ

    AFR Coherent Modulator 400/600Gb/s PM-QMZ is a high electro-optic bandwidth polarization multiplexed quad parallel Mach-Zehnder (PM-QMZ) that explicitly designed to enable 400GE and beyond speeds on a single wavelength or carrier. It can be applied to the transmission of ultra-high speed and ultra-distance coherent communication.

    20/40 GHz Intensity Modulator (AM20, AM40)

    AFR Broadband Analog Intensity Modulators combine high linearity with low driving voltage and small footprint, covering all the frequency range from 20 GHz to beyond 40  GHz (AM20: 20-30 GHz; AM40: > 30 GHz). The increasing demand to shift the transmission frequency in microwave fiber optic links towards higher frequency finds in AFR analog modulators the most advanced and suitable answer. The experience and know-how of AFR engineers is available to customize our products to the customer’s specific requirements.

    High Bandwidth Zero-Chirp Modulator (F10)

    AFR High Bandwidth Zero-Chirp modulators are based on the Mach-Zehner Interferometer (MZI) architecture. The F10-0 is a zero-chirped, x-cut single drive modulator designed for high bit rate advanced metro to long haul communication systems that requires the superior performance of x-cut lithium niobite.

    You Imagine, We Design

    In addition to LiNbO3 Modulator Products, AFR also showcased PM & high power products and FTA products. As an excellent one-stop fiber assembly service provider, AFR supports customization based on customer’s need.

    With 20 years of industrial experience of PM & high power products, AFR has made full use of its technological advantages in the optical laser field and further extended its achievements into the optical communication field. AFR’s products for communication can reach the average power of 20W. AFR's PM components offer excellent optical performance with high extinction ratio and low insertion loss. AFR also provides one-stop fiber assembly services, including fiber metallization, fiber feedthrough, lensed fiber, and more. AFR’s sputtering technology also takes the lead in the industry.

    In the future, AFR will continue to invest in optical communication field, producing diversed and highly competitive products, providing customers with qualified and reliable services.

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  • AFR Releases 2μm High Power Component Series
    Mar 02, 2021 AFR Releases 2μm High Power Component Series

    AFR 2μm high-power series addresses the growing demand at the 2um region. Its performance and reliability are guaranteed by AFR proprietary design and manufacturing process that suppress unwanted absorption in this wavelength range.

    1. m 50W In-line Isolator / 2um 100W Fiber-to-Free-Space Isolator

    The polarization insensitive isolator features compact design, low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss and excellent environmental stability and reliability. With its record-breaking highest power handling capability in the market, it is a desiger’s choice for the 2um polarization insensitive fiber amplifers and fiber laser systems. The reflection beam dump port can be reconfigured.

    2. 1939nm Series ClearCut™ FBG

    The 1939nm Series ClearCut™ FBG products feature ultra-low insertion loss and low thermal drift performance for the high-power fiber lasers. With the long-term field proven design, these devices can handle up to 200W at the common 1917nm, 1925nm and 1939nm wavelengths with outstanding reliability. Customization is available upon request.

    3. 793nm/2μm High Power (N+1)×1 Pump & Signal Combiner

    The 793/2000nm high-power pump & signal combiner exhibits low insertion loss and excellent beam quality for combining up to 6 multimode diode pumps and a signal laser into a double-clad output fiber. The device can handle a maximum 1kW combined power with stable performance.

    4.  Dragonm 500W High Power Laser Cable

    AFR's Dragon laser cable provides the QBH compatible connector for handling up to 500W output power while enduring high reflection power. Cladding mode stripping, protective window and safety interlock designs are employed to offer added benefits of stability and safety.

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  • The LiNbO₃ Series High-speed Modulator Product Line of AFR in Italy is Fully Resumed to Work
    May 08, 2020 The LiNbO₃ Series High-speed Modulator Product Line of AFR in Italy is Fully Resumed to Work

    May 4, 2020--- The wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Fiber Resources in Italy Milan AFR (AFRML) is fully resumed to work after several months of suspension. As the spread of the epidemic is gradually slowing down in Italy, AFRML is planning to restart production with strict epidemic control.

    To prevent the spread of COVID -19, AFRML has set up a special committee based on the recommendation of official guidelines. The goal of the committee is to strictly monitor the health safety during the restart process and to fulfill the requirement of any relevant parties. The company strictly complies with the epidemic prevention regulation created by the local government and will take every possible measurement to ensure employees health safety as well as public sanitation.

    AFRML owns a LiNbO3 series high-speed modulator and analog modulator product line located in San Donato, Italy. It was acquired by AFR in the form of cash from Lumentum at the end of 2019. The product line, which started at Pirelli Research Laboratory near Milan, has a strong technical and production team and has been dedicated to the research and development of the most advanced optical modulator products, with broad market opportunities in communications and sensing industry. Lithium niobate modulator is widely used in modern optical communication system and is the core component to realize electro-optical conversion. With the introduction of "new infrastructure" 5G infrastructure, the demand for such products is increasing.

    With fully resumption of production, the company will restore normal capacity of the lithium niobate modulator product line, solving the current supply shortage. In the future, AFRML will also expand the production scale and enrich the product line by utilizing its competitive advantages of technology development, quality control, market development and other aspects.

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  • AFR Launches Series of ClearCut™ FBG Products
    Mar 03, 2020 AFR Launches Series of ClearCut™ FBG Products

    Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) is pleased to announce the release of three new FBG based products: ClearCut™ FBG Reflector for picosecond fiber lasers, Pulse Stretcher for femtosecond fiber lasers, and 1939nm Series Fiber Bragg Grating for infrared lasers.

    “These new products were developed under our unique ClearCut™ FBG technology that has demonstrated excellent performance on low temperature gradient vs. power and long term reliability. We have delivered kW level FBG products in volumes for the past two years and they are well received in the market. These new products extend the great performance to some of the specialty and rising applications.” said Kevin Zhang, AFR’s VP of Engineering.

    The Fiber Bragg Grating Reflector features with no extra dispersion, package-free design and flexible mechanical performance, ideal for picosecond fiber laser system. It can be written on wide range of fibers-PM980, PM1060, PM10/125, and used at around 1030nm and 1064.3nm center wavelength.

    The Pulse Stretcher creates large amount of dispersion to stretch short pulse to sub nanosecond level, ideal for femtosecond laser system. It can be supplied with either package-free or packaged designs. Available for various amounts of dispersion and fiber types.

    The 1939nm Series Fiber Bragg Grating features with low temperature slope, pump power handling of up to 200W and packaged inside our long-time proven high power package. Center wavelengths available for 1917, 1925 or 1939nm, as special infrared laser source needed in the market.

    All three products have passed reliability qualification test. As always, we can customize wavelength, power handling, fiber type, package type and any other parameters. Contact us to discuss your special needs.

    About AFR

    AFR (SZSE: 300620) specializes in high power-handling fiber optic components, and polarization-maintaining fiber optic components. Established in 2000 by a group of fiber optic veterans, AFR is managed by a team that has worked with JDSU and other Silicon Valley companies for more than 10 years. As an ISO 9001-certified company AFR has developed more than 60 products designed for use in fiber laser, fiber sensor, fiber optic, ultra-broadband network, and medical equipment applications used by companies worldwide. Please feel free to contact Advanced Fiber Resources, or visit www.afrlaser.com for additional information.

    Contact Us

    E-mail: sales@fiber-resources.com

    Tel: +86 756 389 8088

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