Optical Engineer, Zhuhai Jul 30, 2020

Job Responsibilities:

1. Evaluate the feasibility of new product development, set up a project team, and be responsible for the research, design and trial production of new products

2. Responsible for the improvement of product process and performance

3. Formulate product process according to internal standards, provide technical guidance, and solve problems in production lines (Depending on actual capability, you may be assigned as R&D or engineering functions)

Job Requirements:

1. Majors in optics, physics, communication, laser, etc., bachelor degree or above

2. Proficient in reading and writing English, proficient in office software

3. Five years or more working experience in fiber optic passive device development or production; familiar with product development process, writing working instructions and process and yield improvement

4. Strong hands-on capability, able to independently perform optical path analysis and debugging, and usage of common equipment in the optical communication industry

5. Hard working, good learning skill, team spirit and good communication skills

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