• AFR Released Several New High Power Products
    Jul 26, 2018 AFR Released Several New High Power Products

    Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) released several new high power products, including 1500 W ClearCut Grating, 6 kW or Higher 7x1 Laser Combiner Module, 6 kW or Higher 18x1 or (18+1)x1 Pump Combiner and Dragon 6000 W Laser Cable.

    ClearCut 1.5 kW Fiber Bragg Grating

    The 1.5 kW ClearCut Fiber Bragg Grating products are low insertion loss fiber bragg gratings for high power fiber lasers. With AFR’s Clearcut designing and packaging, the devices can handle more than 1.5 kW pump power and 1.0 kW signal power. Custom configurations available.

    6 kW or Higher 7×1 Laser Combiner Module

    The 6 kW or Higher 7×1 Laser Combiner Module is designed for combining N units of kW class fiber lasers with high efficiency. Available for different fiber types.

    6 kW or Higher 18×1 or (18+1)×1 Pump Combiner

    The 6 kW 18x1 or (18+1)×1 Pump Combiner is designed for combining several multimode laser diodes with high efficiency. The device can handle several kilowatt combined power. Available for different fiber types.

    Dragon 6 kW Laser Cable

    AFR’s Dragon 6 kW Laser Cable provides QBH compatible connector for high power fiber lasers up to 6000 W. Technologies incorporated in the products include cladding mode stripping, indirect water cooling, protective window and safety interlock.

    AFR offers standard and customized components. We will modify wavelength, aperture, package size, fiber type or any other feature to suit your project's unique purpose. And these new products will be displayed at the 2018 Shenzhen CIOE Exhibition (5th-8th Sept.), please visit us at Hall 1#1B01.

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  • AFR Released  ClearCut™ kW Package-Free Fiber Bragg Grating
    Apr 26, 2019 AFR Released ClearCut™ kW Package-Free Fiber Bragg Grating

    Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) drew a lot of attention at the 2019 Laser World of Photonics with the unveiling of its ClearCut™ kW Package-Free Fiber Bragg Grating, a new device that improves FBG user experience.

    AFR’s ClearCutkW Package-Free Fiber Bragg Grating

    Controlling temperature has long been a challenge when using FBG devices. The typical solution has been to dissipate excess heat using a mounting structure or package. The extra mounting, however, creates difficulties with installation and true temperature monitoring of the FBG area.

    AFR’s ClearCutkW Package-Free FBG may be bent and mounted in any position along with other fibers, eliminating the need for a separate mounting structure or package and maintaining an ultra-low temperature rising without adding extra cooling. Additionally, this product may add an FBG area temperature monitor, to help users or engineers improve real-time data analysis, and ensuring system safety.

    Temperature Slope in Air

    “The ClearCut™ kW Package-Free FBG product well represents AFR’s technical capability. It makes AFR a more One-Stop-Shop for fiber laser components. We are committed to the continuous advancement in product technology and product quality.” said Kevin Zhang, AFR’s VP of Engineering.

    Small in size, big on capability, AFR’s ClearCut kW Package-Free FBG ensures more than 2.0 kW pump power and 1.5 kW signal power handling with outstanding reliability. It has passed the critical qualification tests including low/high temperature storage, temperature cycling, fiber pull and high humidity.

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  • AFR Launches Series of ClearCut™ FBG Products
    Mar 03, 2020 AFR Launches Series of ClearCut™ FBG Products

    Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) is pleased to announce the release of three new FBG based products: ClearCut™ FBG Reflector for picosecond fiber lasers, Pulse Stretcher for femtosecond fiber lasers, and 1939 nm Series Fiber Bragg Grating for infrared lasers.

    “These new products were developed under our unique ClearCut™ FBG technology that has demonstrated excellent performance on low temperature gradient vs. power and long term reliability. We have delivered kW level FBG products in volumes for the past two years and they are well received in the market. These new products extend the great performance to some of the specialty and rising applications.” said Kevin Zhang, AFR’s VP of Engineering.

    The Fiber Bragg Grating Reflector features with no extra dispersion, package-free design and flexible mechanical performance, ideal for picosecond fiber laser system. It can be written on wide range of fibers, such as PM 980, PM 1060, PM 10 / 125, and used at around 1030 nm and 1064 nm center wavelength.

    The Pulse Stretcher creates large amount of dispersion to stretch short pulse to sub nanosecond level, ideal for femtosecond laser system. It can be supplied with either package-free or packaged designs. Available for various amounts of dispersion and fiber types.

    The 1939 nm Series Fiber Bragg Grating features with low temperature slope, pump power handling of up to 200 W and packaged inside our long-time proven high power package. Center wavelengths available for 1917, 1925 or 1939 nm, as special infrared laser source needed in the market.

    All three products have passed reliability qualification test. As always, we can customize wavelength, power handling, fiber type, package type and any other parameters. Contact us to discuss your special needs.

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