AFR Released 2 μm Optic Components Jan 18, 2011

Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) recently released a series of two-micron (2000 nm) fiber optic components.

AFR's two-micron (2000 nm) fiber optic components are the enabling elements for the Tm-doped (or Ho-doped) fiber lasers, which have various applications in the fields of research and development, medical diagnostics and sensing, micromachining and material processing, and spectroscopy. The product portfolio includes isolators, circulators and filter-based components. Different types of fibers (SMF-28 fiber, Panda fiber, Multimode fiber or LMA fiber) are available for pigtail connection selection. High optical power ratings are optional for both the CW (continuous wave) and pulsed laser applications. These components are designed with low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss, excellent environmental stability, and reliability. Customized designs are also available upon request.

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