TFLN FORUM | Dr. Sy Rhee: TFLN Opportunities Mar 27, 2024

March 25, 2024 - Dr. Sy Rhee attended the forum titled "Technologies and Applications of Thin Film Lithium Niobate Photonics," organized jointly by AFR and HyperLight. During the forum, Dr. Rhee presented a speech titled "TFLN opportunities," discussing the key target applications and future prospects of thin-film lithium niobate photonics technology.

 Dr. Sy Rhee at the TFLN forum

About Sy Rhee and Fujitsu Optical Components

Sy Rhee is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Fujitsu Optical Components America, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Optical Components, Ltd (FOC). He has over 20 years of vast experience in the optical components industry covering product development, marketing, and sales roles. Prior to joining FOC in 2005, Sy was a member of technical staff at Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor and NeoPhotonics. Sy holds Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University.

Fujitsu Optical Components (FOC) plays a significant role in optical device and optical module products market. In the supply chain of the TFLN, Fujitsu Optical Components is a leading supplier of TFLN chip and optical devices that are based on TFLN.

Emergence of a Mature, Comprehensive, and Reliable TFLN Supply Chain

The optimistic outlook within the TFLN industry is attracting numerous technology companies, leading to the swift evolution of a comprehensive ecosystem. It is encouraging to note that an increasing number of technology enterprises and startups worldwide are converging onto this track, shaping the future of the industry collectively, covering materials, wafers, chips, modulators, and optical modules.

In the panel discussion, representatives from key players of the supply chain, including NanoLN in wafer manufacturing, AFR, HyperLight, Liobate, Ori-Chip, and FOC in chip production, Hisense and Linktel in transceivers, exchanged opinions about the prospect of TFLN, technology breakthroughs, and how to make it more ready for near future large volume applications.

As we observe together, the TFLN supply chain is steadily maturing, becoming more comprehensive and reliable over time. The growth and integration of each component signify a promising future for TFLN technology, establishing it as a pivotal player in the global technological landscape.

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