Highlights from AFR's Photonics West 2024 Feb 06, 2024

Feb. 1, 2024 The much-anticipated Photonics West 2024 concluded at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. With over 1,500 manufacturers and research institutions from around the world gathering on-site, the event served as a platform for unveiling the latest advancements and discussing emerging industry trends.

Among the many of exhibitors, Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) emerged as a standout, captivating attendees with their innovative and diversified product portfolio, which includes LiDAR light source, lithium niobate modulators, fiber laser components, etc. Here are some of the highlights from AFR's showcase:

1550 nm LiDAR Light Source

The product has excellent E-O efficiency in a compact package. Its pulse width and repetition rate are tunable at high pulse energy and high peak power. AFR provides customized light source services.

Swept Tunable Laser Module

Arcadia Optronix's (AFR wholly owned subsidiary) Swept Tunable Laser Module offers a wavelength range of 1528 to 1568 nm and a sweep speed of up to 2 kHz. The output power reaches 20 mW while maintaining wavelength stability < 1 pm.

500 W Fiber to Free Space Isolator

AFR proprietary design and award-winning product (Laser Focus World Innovators Awards 2023) with unparalleled performance for fiber laser application.

130 GBaud TFLN Coherent Driver Modulator

A quad-channel 130 GBaud High-Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator integrated with RF driver, designed for 800 Gb/s or 1.2 Tb/s coherent optical transport systems and transceivers.

For more information about all products above, please contact sales@fiber-resources.com or visit our product center at www.fiber-resources.com.

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