• Opto-Mechanical Engineer, Zhuhai
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the Opto-mechanical design activity to develop advanced electro-optical components and modules with focus on reliability and manufacturability

    2. Contribute through all development phases from concept definition and prototyping to product development and manufacturing

    3. Work with component suppliers to define purchase specifications

    4. Work closely with optical design, fab process, device testing and packaging engineers to deliver high performance Lithium Niobate devices

    5. Support improvement of current platforms and collaborate with manufacturing engineers when needed

    6. Collaborate to define plans and meet schedule

    7. Provide regular update to management

    8. Perform under limited supervision

    Job Requirements:

    1. Master Degree in Electronics, Physics, Mechanics or equivalent technical discipline

    2. 5 years+ of working experience in similar role in related industry

    3. Proven experience with design and development of optical/electro-optical modules

    4. Proficient with 3D modeling and CAD software

    5. Understanding of photonics physics and devices

    6. Ability to work effectively in an international team environment and interact with all function and levels

    7. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Team oriented approach

    8. High motivation and strong desire for innovation

    9. Fluent in English

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  • Post Doctor, Optoelectronics, Zhuhai
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Theoretical, experimental and applied research of high power optical devices

    2. Terahertz generation and application

    3. Packaging and application research of semiconductor lasers

    4. Principle, fabrication and application research of quantum communication light source

    5. Research and design of OCT optical engine

    6. The design of efficient coupling of silicon photonic chips and fiber array

    7. Quantitative study of the factors affecting 3D laser imaging precision

    Job Requirements:

    1. Doctoral degrees in optics, electronics, computer and other related fields with academic background or interest in the above research fields

    2. Good communication skill and interpersonal skill

    3. Under age of 35 and healthy

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  • Optical Engineer, Zhuhai
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Evaluate the feasibility of new product development, set up a project team, and be responsible for the research, design and trial production of new products

    2. Responsible for the improvement of product process and performance

    3. Formulate product process according to internal standards, provide technical guidance, and solve problems in production lines (Depending on actual capability, you may be assigned as R&D or engineering functions)

    Job Requirements:

    1. Majors in optics, physics, communication, laser, etc., bachelor degree or above

    2. Proficient in reading and writing English, proficient in office software

    3. Five years or more working experience in fiber optic passive device development or production; familiar with product development process, writing working instructions and process and yield improvement

    4. Strong hands-on capability, able to independently perform optical path analysis and debugging, and usage of common equipment in the optical communication industry

    5. Hard working, good learning skill, team spirit and good communication skills

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  • Product Engineer, Zhuhai
  • Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for technical support and process improvement of related products

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in optics, physics, electronics, industrial engineering, etc.

    2. More than 3 years’ experience in optical passive devices; skilled in use of OSA and optical power meter

    3. Optical device reliability analysis capabilities, capable to independently analyze and solve optical device related design and process issues

    4. Proactive, patient and meticulous and responsible, full of enthusiasm for work, be able to cope with work pressure

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  • Business Development Manager (Location: Zhuhai, China, or Overseas)
  • Job Responsibilites:

    1. Working with inside sales account managers to maintain close business relationship with existing global accounts and realization of sales target

    2. Organize business conference calls, webinar, customer visits and audit, develop new projects in existing accounts

    3. Identify potential business opportunities in your territory, make a business development plan and leverage AFR resource of R&D and Engineering to grow new business and achieve sales target

    4. Introduce new product line/portfolio in the territory to ensure sustainable growth

    5. Analyse business environment and marketing information across all responsible territories to optimize sales strategy

    6. Weekly business update by AFR report template

    Job Requirements:

    1. 5 years+ working experience in the fiber laser or telecom industry

    2. Bachelor’s degree of physics, optical science or business, Master’s degree preferred

    3. Strong record business development or sales marketing

    4. Strategic thinking and business planning skill

    5. Good team player and across function collaboration capability

    6. Excellent communication skill of Chinese and English

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