AFR Releases High Power Continuous Wave Laser Component Series May 31, 2021

High Power has become so demanding in Continuous Wave (CW) Laser. It has been widely used in many industries and applications. The High Power CW Laser Component Series presented by AFR, is strive to provide the best solution for you to fulfill your needs.

ClearCut RSS-FBG

The ClearCut Raman Scattering Suppression Fiber Bragg Grating (RSS-FBG) is the ultra low insertion loss fiber gratings for high power fiber lasers. With AFR's ClearCut design and special process, the devices can handle kW-level pump power and signal power with recoated only.

kW (18+1)×1 Backward Pump & Signal Combiner

The kW (18+1)×1 Backward Pump & Signal Combiner features high power handling and low insertion loss. It enables highly-efficient power combining from up to 18 multimode pump diodes.

14 kW 7×1 Laser Combiner

AFR ’s 14 kW 7×1 Laser Combiner features high power handling, high coupling efficiency, and high reflection power endurance. It is capable to combine power from 7 units of kW class fiber laser with high and stable efficiency.

Dragon 10 kW High Power Laser Cable

AFR's Dragon 10 kW High Power Laser Cable provides Q+ compatible connector for high power fiber lasers up to 30 kW. Technologies incorporated in the products include low transmission loss, high reflection power endurance, indirect water cooling and safety interlock.

We can customize power handling, fiber type, package size and any other parameter upon request. Please contact sales@fiber-resources.com for special request.

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