AFR Releases 2μm High Power Component Series Mar 02, 2021

AFR 2μm high-power series addresses the growing demand at the 2um region. Its performance and reliability are guaranteed by AFR proprietary design and manufacturing process that suppress unwanted absorption in this wavelength range.

1. m 50W In-line Isolator / 2um 100W Fiber-to-Free-Space Isolator

The polarization insensitive isolator features compact design, low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss and excellent environmental stability and reliability. With its record-breaking highest power handling capability in the market, it is a desiger’s choice for the 2um polarization insensitive fiber amplifers and fiber laser systems. The reflection beam dump port can be reconfigured.

2. 1939nm Series ClearCut™ FBG

The 1939nm Series ClearCut™ FBG products feature ultra-low insertion loss and low thermal drift performance for the high-power fiber lasers. With the long-term field proven design, these devices can handle up to 200W at the common 1917nm, 1925nm and 1939nm wavelengths with outstanding reliability. Customization is available upon request.

3. 793nm/2μm High Power (N+1)×1 Pump & Signal Combiner

The 793/2000nm high-power pump & signal combiner exhibits low insertion loss and excellent beam quality for combining up to 6 multimode diode pumps and a signal laser into a double-clad output fiber. The device can handle a maximum 1kW combined power with stable performance.

4.  Dragonm 500W High Power Laser Cable

AFR's Dragon laser cable provides the QBH compatible connector for handling up to 500W output power while enduring high reflection power. Cladding mode stripping, protective window and safety interlock designs are employed to offer added benefits of stability and safety.

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