Test Automation Engineer (San Donato Milanese – Milan – Italy) Jan 27, 2022

Job Responsibilities:

1. Within new product introduction activities, design and implement tests solutions and benches that confirm the quality and functionality of products, develop automated systems to make tests reusable

2. Working with R&D team ideate and assembly new product test benches, defining requirements and writing the SW to manage the instruments, store data in corporate database and analyze the acquired information, harmonizing the adopted solution with existing ones

3. Participate in all phases of products’ testing, from determining the exact procedure to troubleshooting errors and communicating recommendations for improvement

4. Manage the software development lifecycle

5. Release new test benches in manufacturing, work with the team to set Gage R&R and periodic golden samples verification procedures

6. Improve and enhance existing test solutions by reducing test time, performing yield analysis and minimizing retests, exploring and implementing new ways to automate systems

7. Provide technical support to other teams and work cross-functionally and with external suppliers to develop ideas for new manufacturing benches setup. As mechatronics and automation engineer will apply skills in modelling, real-time computer interfacing, sensors, controllers, and actuators to improve automation in manufacturing processes, increasing efficiency while still maintaining product quality and adhering to internal protocols and external regulations

8. Develop and write operative procedures for products’ testing in manufacturing, perform and certify the operators’ training

9. Ensure equipment conformity to industry-based compliance requirements, such as those from the ISO (International Organization Standardization) mostly concerning calibration and enforcing safety measures

10. May be involved in specifications discussions with customers as field application engineer

11. May be required to create mechanical designs for assemblies, parts, jigs or finished products

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor Degree (or higher) in Optics, Electronics, Mechatronic, Automation, Mechanical, Computer Science, Software Engineering, telecommunication or equivalent technical discipline

2. 5 years+ of working experience in manufacturing or a related industry

3. Experience with software engineering and test design architecture

4. Extensive knowledge and experience working with various operating systems and backend programming: LabView, Python e Teststand software expert

5. Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases

6. Knowledge of basic six sigma / lean manufacturing concepts like capability studies and SPC

7. Experience with robotics, AI and machine learning is a plus

8. Experience with the design and implementation of automated systems, especially as related to manufacturing

9. Ability to work effectively in an international team environment and interact with all function and levels, communication, problem solving and creativity skills

10. Customer relation experience might be a preferred aspect

11. Fluent English

Contact Info:

Chiara Giglio

Phone: +39 02 51884276

E-mail: chiara.giglio@fiber-resources.com

Website: www.fiber-resources.com

Address: Via Federico Fellini, 4 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI) – Italy

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