Software Engineer, Zhuhai Jul 30, 2020

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the design and programming of device interaction interface

2. Application development based on PCI motion interface card

3. Write the communication protocol of common PLC (Mitsubishi, OMRON, SEIMENS, Schneider)

4. Optical test system development

5. SQL database operations and report generation

6. Software program planning, negotiation, instructions writing, etc..

Job Requirements:

1. Software or computer related major, college degree or above

2. More than 5 years’ working experience in the automation equipment industry, capable of independently carrying out design work

3. Proficient in C++, C# language, experienced in sports control card such as Reese, Gugao

4. Proficient in TCP/UDP socket programming and COMM communication protocol

5. Prefer if familiar with one of the image processing softwares: Halcon, OpenCV, VisionPro, NI-VISION

6. Understand electrical control

7. Responsible and have good communication skills

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