AFR's 1550 nm 20 W Fiber Isolator (PM & SM) Aug 03, 2016

Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) released its 1550 nm 20 W Fiber Isolator (PM & SM), which used at the output port of pulsed fiber lasers to prevent any errant beams from returning to the fiber amplifier. This new fiber optic isolator may be used in both common fiber laser applications and ultra-fast lasers with high peak power. Our unique manufacturing process and epoxy-free optical path design enhance the device's ability to handle high power. It is ideal for systems using highly reflective materials, and in high-speed communications.

AFR can also provide a remarkable range of customized optical solutions such as Fiber Delivery Collimator, 100 W Fiber to Free Space Optical Isolator, Integrated Tap Photodiode Isolator (TPDI) so on. For detail, please contact AFR's sales account manager for your requirements.

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