AFR's 100 W Fiber to Free Space Isolator Feb 16, 2016

Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) released its highest-power 100 W Fiber to Free Space Isolators on the first day of Photonics West 2016. The new isolator is the latest solution for fiber amplifiers and fiber laser output isolation.

The 1064 nm Fiber to Free Space High Power Isolator is characterized with low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling, high return loss, and excellent environmental stability and reliability. It is ideal for fiber amplifier and fiber laser applications. The patent-pending design offers > 30 dB all-angle isolation performance, suitable for applications when lasers process highly reflective materials. This product also provides good transmission at red-color for col-linear guiding a laser beam.

AFR can provide a remarkable range of customized optical solutions. For more details, please contact AFR's sales manager for your requirements.

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