AFR Participate in CIOE'2020 with Four Product Series Oct 13, 2020

Shenzhen, China, Sep 9-11, 2020 --- AFR and its subsidiary Vlink showed up at the 22nd CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Exposition), the world's largest and most influential optoelectronics exhibition, along with our products: LiNbO Modulator Series, Micro-Connection Series, PM & High Power Products, and FTA (Fiber Tail Assembly) Products.

Modulator Series

As the practitioner of the localization of high-end optical communication chips and devices, AFR's LiNbO modulator products have been attracting the attention of optical communication industry. The key exhibition of the three LiNbO modulator products triggered hot discussion, attracted CCTV and other mainstream media to report.

Coherent Modulator 400/600G PM-QMZ

AFR Coherent Modulator 400/600Gb/s PM-QMZ is a high electro-optic bandwidth polarization multiplexed quad parallel Mach-Zehnder (PM-QMZ) that explicitly designed to enable 400GE and beyond speeds on a single wavelength or carrier. It can be applied to the transmission of ultra-high speed and ultra-distance coherent communication.

20/40 GHz Intensity Modulator (AM20, AM40)

AFR Broadband Analog Intensity Modulators combine high linearity with low driving voltage and small footprint, covering all the frequency range from 20 GHz to beyond 40 GHz (AM20: 20-30 GHz; AM40: > 30 GHz). The increasing demand to shift the transmission frequency in microwave fiber optic links towards higher frequency finds in AFR analog modulators the most advanced and suitable answer. The experience and know-how of AFR engineers is available to customize our products to the customer’s specific requirements.

High Bandwidth Zero-Chirp Modulator (F10)

AFR High Bandwidth Zero-Chirp Modulators are based on the Mach-Zehner Interferometer (MZI) architecture. The F10-0 is a Zero-Chirped, X-Cut single drive modulator designed for high bit rate advanced metro to long haul communication systems that requires the superior performance of X-Cut lithium niobite.

You Imagine, We Design

In addition to LiNbO Modulator Products, AFR also showcased PM & high power products and FTA products. As an excellent one-stop fiber assembly service provider, AFR supports customization based on customer’s need.

With 20 years of industrial experience of PM & high power products, AFR has made full use of its technological advantages in the optical laser field and further extended its achievements into the optical communication field. AFR’s products for communication can reach the average power of 20 W. AFR's PM components offer excellent optical performance with high extinction ratio and low insertion loss. AFR also provides one-stop fiber assembly services, including fiber metallization, fiber feedthrough, lensed fiber, and more. AFR’s sputtering technology also takes the lead in the industry.

In the future, AFR will continue to invest in optical communication field, producing diverse and highly competitive products, providing customers with qualified and reliable services.

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