AFR Co-Organized LiNC-2023 in Hong Kong Dec 14, 2023

Dec. 14, 2023 – Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) proudly participated as a co-organizer in the Lithium Niobate Photonics Conference 2023 (LiNC-2023), held from Dec. 6-9 in Hong Kong.

The conference, encompassing keynote, technical, and poster sessions, brought together leading experts from academia and industry to share the latest advances and challenges in the field of lithium niobate (LN) photonics. The seamless organization and preparation of LiNC-2023, crucial to its success, were made possible through the dedicated efforts of key individuals. Dr. Cheng Wang from City University of Hong Kong, serving as the conference chair, along with Dr. Liu Liu from Zhejiang University and Dr. Changjian Guo from South China Normal University, played pivotal roles in the comprehensive planning and execution.

As an invited speaker of Technical Session, Dennis Zhou, VP of AFR, delivered a presentation titled “Energy efficient optical interconnect for AI clusters and data centers”, solidifying AFR's presence as a key contributor to the industry. During the talk, Dr. Zhou highlighted the potential of AFR's lithium niobate modulators in addressing energy-efficient interface challenges, showcasing their diverse applications. TFLN technology, a cornerstone in AFR's advancements, plays a critical role in optical modulation, frequency conversion, integrated photonics, high-speed detection, and nonlinear optical applications. This underscores the pivotal significance of TFLN in enhancing the capabilities of data centers and ultra-high-speed optical communication systems, aligning AFR with cutting-edge technological developments in the industry.

In addition, AFR hosted an Industry Forum, where distinguished experts, including Prof. Marko Lončar from Harvard University, Prof. Xinlun Cai from Sun Yat-Sen University, Prof. Xin Ou from Shanghai Inst. Microsys. Inform. Technol., CAS, and Dr. Hui Hu from NanoLN, participated in a lively panel discussion. This forum provided a platform for sharing insights and debating various aspects of LN-based integration technologies.

Lithium Niobate has emerged as a game-changing material in photonics, opening up new possibilities and applications across various industries. The LiNC-2023 conference will serve as a dynamic platform for experts, researchers, and industry leaders to converge, exchange ideas, and explore the frontiers of this cutting-edge technology. AFR looks forward to continuing its role in driving advancements and fostering connections within this dynamic field.

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Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR) designs and manufactures standard and custom components, modulators, and provides contract manufacturing solutions to our customers. Our products are widely used in fiber laser, telecom, data center, fiber sensing, autonomous driving, biomedical equipment, as well as research institutes and universities around the globe. AFR’s products have been sold to customers in more than 40 countries and regions worldwide.
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