AFR at Laser World of Photonics'2019 Jul 09, 2019

Munich, Germany, June 24-27, 2019 --- Laser World of Photonics 2019, the world's leading photonics trade fair opened and attracted 34,000+ attendees. Over 1,300 exhibitors showcased the latest components, systems, and applications for the photonics industry. AFR has demonstrated its latest and featured fiber laser components during the show.

ClearCut Package-FreeHigh Power Fiber Bragg Grating

For high power fiber bragg grating, when it comes to the "Controlling Temperature" problem, the common solution needs a metal package to dissipate excess heat. However, which creates difficulties with installation. AFR’s package-free solution, through the unique ClearCut™ design, eliminates the need for package, and can maintain an ultra-low temperature slope. Additionally, this product may add an FBG area temperature monitor to help users improve real-time data analysis.


1. Ultra Low Temperature Slope

2. High Power Handling up to 2 kW

3. Center Wavelength Options: 1030 nm, 1064 nm, 1070 nm, 1080 nm

Dragon High Power Laser Cable

AFR’shigh power laser cablecan handle up to 10 kW output power, 500 W stripping cladding power and backward power. With indirect water cooling technology, it is more stable and reliable than the common solution.


1. Low Transmission Loss

2. High Reflection Power Endurance

3. Indirect Water Cooling

4. Safety Interlock

2.5 kW (6+1)x1 Backward Pump Combiner

Specifically designed for high power fiber lasers, these combiners are usually mated with the forward optical path to form a bi-directional pump structure to obtain higher amplification efficiency and higher output power.


1. High Coupling Efficiency ≥ 97%

2. Low Signal Insertion Loss ≤ 0.3 dB

3. Proprietary Fiber Tapering Technique

200 W In-Line Isolator

With the solid reputation of its high power Isolator, AFR has released its 200 W version this year. This exciting product also offers guaranteed high reliability and stability.


1. High Isolation > 28 dB

2. Low Signal Insertion Loss < 0.4 dB

3. Proprietary Fiber Tapering Technique

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