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AFR is committed to meet or exceed customer expectation in quality, delivery, and cost. As the level of expectation increases, continuous quality improvement is critical to our success in the competitive marketplace. 
Continuous quality improvement is a systematic, organization-wide approach for continually improving all processes that deliver quality products on time. Through the involvement of our employees and their enthusiasm for quality awareness, our outgoing quality level has improved dramatically. 
At AFR we focus our efforts on solidifying partnerships with our customers. We continue to build strong relationships with our customers to ensure that their development of new products will succeed in record time while meeting their stringent requirements for quality. This allows us to do business with new customers as well as increase business with our existing customers. Demand for higher quality standards has led to more stringent product testing to achieve quality levels that exceed our customers' expectations. 
We realize our employee is key fact of our quality. In order to achieve continuous improvements, we train AFR employees to ask "what to improve" and "how to improve" without resistance but with enthusiasm. We accomplish such results by providing our people with the proper tools, skills, training, and an environment to assure success.