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900 - 1000 nm (1+1)×1 Multimode Pump & Signal Combiner
The 900 - 1000 nm (1+1)×1 Multimode Pump & Signal Combiner features high power transfer efficiency.
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Tap Coupler
1550 nm Ultra Low Ratio Tap Coupler (LTC Series)
The 1550 nm Ultra Low Ratio Tap Coupler is suitable for very high optical power.
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1550 nm Singlemode Coupler
The 1550 nm Singlemode Coupler offers very low insertion loss.
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Tap Photodiode
1550 nm Integrated Tap Photodiode
The 1310/1550 nm Integrated Tap Photodiode applys for channel power monitoring in DWDM system.
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Bandpass Filter
1528 - 1565 nm Bandpass Filter
The 1528 - 1565 nm Bandpass Filter is used to block out unwanted signals in EDFA.
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Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (BPDWDM Series )
The Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer series is designed and manufactured to vehicle standard.
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Mini Polarization Insensitive Isolator (MPI Series)
The Mini Polarization Insensitive Isolator series is characterized with very compact package, low insertion loss, high isolation, high return loss and excellent environmental stability and reliability.
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Fiber Pigtailed Photodiode (FPPD)
The Fiber Pigtailed Photodiode is a coaxial package photoelectrical component. It features high responsivity, lowdark current and good temperature performance over a wide wavelength range.
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