Fused Components

  The Fused Components offer very low insertion loss, low polarization dependence, high isolation and excellent environmental stability. They have been extensively used in EDFA, CATV, WDM networks and fiber optic instrumentations.  
Couplers/Splitters Fused WDM
Couplers/Splitters Fused WDM
Coupler/Splitter/Fused WDM Broadband Tree Coupler  
  Singlemode Broadband Coupler
Singlemode Dual Window Wavelength Flattened Coupler
Singlemode WDM (980/1550) Singlemode WDM (1310/1550, 1480/1550)
Singlemode Broadband Tree Coupler
Singlemode Dual Window Tree Coupler Module
Singlemode WDM (980/1064)

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