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Post Doctor, Optoelectronics (2016-07)

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Location: Zhuhai, China                                      

Research Topics:

1.      Theoretical, experimental and applied research of high power optical devices;

2.      Terahertz generation and application;

3.      Packaging and application research of semiconductor lasers;

4.      Principle, fabrication and application research of quantum communication light source;

5.      Research and design of OCT optical engine;

6.      The design of efficient coupling of silicon photonic chips and fiber array;

7.      Quantitative study of the factors affecting 3D laser imaging precision.

Job Requirements:

1.      Doctoral degree in optics, electronics, computer and other related fields with academic background or interest in the above research fields;

2.      Good communication skill and interpersonal skill;

3.     Under age of 35 and healthy.

Contact Info.

Mrs. Chen

Phone: +86 756 389 8088 

Fax: +86 756 389 8080



Address: No. 399,Chuangxin 3rd road, Tangjia,Zhuhai,China 519080