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Polarization Maintaining Metalized Fiber Cable

Produts Details

Product Name: PM Metalized Fiber Cable


A metal film is deposited on the fiber surface by sputtering process. Metalized fiber can be soldered into a package to achieve hermetical sealing and provide high environmentally reliable interconnection for optical devices. It is widely used in passive and active devices.


Parameter Unit Value
Film composition   Ti/ Ni/ Au (other materials available on request)
Coating thickness nm 100-1000 (other thickness available on request)
Plating length tolerance mm ± 1
Polarization extinction ratio(PM fiber type) dB 20
Recommended minimum bend diameter mm 25
Helium leak rate Pa.m3/s 1.0*10-9
Pull strength N 10
Fiber length tolerance % ± 10 or specify
Recommended soldering temperature <300
Storage temperature -40 to +85

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