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AFR's Integrated Tap Photodiode Isolator

July 13, 2016—Hong Kong, China—Advanced Fiber Resources(AFR) released its Integrated Tap Photodiode Isolator integrates the functionality of a miniature polarization insensitive with a tap photodiode for power monitoring in one package.The product provides a more compact solution in EDFA or other modules where both Isolator and monitoring function are needed.

AFR can also provide a remarkable range of customized optical solutions such as Fiber Delivery Collimator, 100 W Fiber to Free Space Isolator, Metalized Fiber Cable so on. For detail, please contact AFR's sales account manager for your requirements.

About Advanced Fiber Resources

AFR specializes in high power handling fiber optic components, and polarization-maintaining fiber optic components.Established in 1999 by a group of fiber optic veterans, AFR is managed by a team that has worked with JDSU and other Silicon Valley companies for more than 10 years. As an ISO 9001-certified company AFR has developed more than 60 products designed for use in fiber laser, fiber sensor, fiber optic,ultra-broadband network, and medical equipment applications used by companies worldwide. Please feel free to contact Advanced Fiber Resources (AFR), or visit for additional information.



Tel: +86 756 389 8035


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