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1550 nm Polarization Maintaining Fixed Optical Fiber Mirror

Produts Details

Product Name: 1550 nm PM Fixed Optical Fiber Mirror


Parameter Unit Value
Center Wavelength (λc)  nm 1550
Bandwidth nm ±20
Typ. Excess Loss dB 0.6
Max. Excess Loss  dB 0.8
Min. Extinction Ratio dB 20
Nominal Transmission Ratio (Input to Output) % 1~99
Tap Ratio Tolerance % 1±0.2, 5±1.0, 10±2, and 50±5
Fiber Type   PM Panda fiber
Max.Optical Power mW 300
Max. Peak Power for ns Pulse kW 10
Max. Tensile Load N 5
Operating Temperature  -5 to +70
Storage Temperature  -40 to +70

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